Just Closed:

NICOLE EISENMAN: Woodcuts, Etchings, Lithographs and Monotypes

Leo Koenig Gallery, 545 W23rd St., NYC

Often cited as one of the seminal painters of her generation, Nicole Eisenman’s diverse practice embraces popular culture and encompasses many types of media and subject matter. Utilizing a wide and erudite variety of techniques culled from the history of printmaking, Eisenman approaches each of her subjects with a unique touch that adds to the sense that each of her figures, while inhabiting a common physical locale, exists in an isolated psychological space. The figures depicted often convey a sense of unsettled, contemplative thought and disenchantment with the status quo. From allegorical tableaux to singular portraits, Eisenman continues her sustained fascination with human interaction and isolation. These highly personal subjects speak explicitly to our current economic and political environment; however, the works ultimately go beyond these themes to explore a broader interest in the human condition. With an easygoing virtuosity accentuated by sharp wit and deadpan humor, Eisenman carves out a world in which meaning is elusive if not painfully unavailable. *closed*