Graffiti, as it has evolved in the last 30 years or so, is not living up to its potential. Instead of aggressively reproducing its own internal code like a machine that has gone out of control and keeps banging its head into the same wall over and over again, the graffiti community should break out of its current deadlock. If graffiti would leave behind the world of custom, convention and fashion and entered a modus operandi in which graffiti was about language first it would be an entire different game and likely much more exciting. The current arsenal of styles, forms and images used by graffiti writers is a limited one. By opening up the frontiers of possibility, by incorporating models and thoughts from all ages, graffiti writers could be entering a field where there is much to discover. Their private graf language would no longer be marginalized and stereotyped by the conservative way things are supposed to be done. In order to achieve this graffiti would need to start communicating with people from outside the scene again, doing so in a smart way and on its own terms.

Some Thoughts About Remaking Language

via Graffiti and the Obelisk

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