Grete Stern. Sueños (Dreams). Dream No. 44: The Accused, Dream No. 1: Electrical Appliances for the Home, Dream 43: Mirror of Dreams, Dream No. 46: Estrangement, Dream No. 20: Perspective, Dream No. 5: Bottle Cast into the Sea, Dream No. 28: Love Without Illusion, Dream No. 41: The Phone Call, Dream No. 18: Café Concert, Dream No. 13: Consent (top to bottom). 1948-1950.

Grete Stern is best known as half of Foto Ringl + Pit, the innovative advertising and design studio she founded in Berlin in 1929 with her fellow Bauhaus alumna Ellen Auerbach. Fleeing the rise of Nazism in 1933, Stern made her way to Buenos Aires, where she continued her work as a photographer and graphic designer. In 1948 the popular Argentine women’s magazine Idilio commissioned Stern to create a series of photomontages to accompany a weekly column called “Psychoanalysis Will Help You” which invited readers to submit their dreams for analysis. Over the course of three years Stern created 140 photomontages for Idilio, translating the unconscious fears and desires of the magazine’s predominantly female readership into witty images that nimbly expose the links between desire, domesticity, and feminine identity. -Met

British artist Tom Phillips released the first edition of A Humument in 1970. To create this stunning book, Phillips illustrated and/or collaged each page of a found Victorian text - WH Mallock’s A Human Document - leaving parts of the original text exposed and uncovering a new story line with a new protagonist named Bill Toge, whose name appears only when the word “together” or “altogether” appears in Mallock’s original text. Of the text and his project, Phillips says,”It is a forgotten Victorian novel found by chance …I plundered, mined, and undermined its text to make it yield the ghosts of other possible stories, scenes, poems, erotic incidents, and surrealist catastrophes which seemed to lurk within its wall of words. As I worked on it, I replaced the text I’d stripped away with visual images of all kinds. It began to tell and depict, among other memories, dreams, and reflections, the sad story of Bill Toge, one of love’s casualties.”